Leverage LinkedIn for B2B Growth – Founders’ Guide


LinkedIn recently launched “From Concept to Revenue: A Founder’s Guide to LinkedIn“, targeted at start-ups.  In general, this is a great guide to give those unfamiliar with LinkedIn a place to start. 

We wanted to break this guide down and add things we think start-up Founders should consider alongside this information.

Download your copy of the “Founder’s Guide to LinkedIn” here.

LinkedIn Strategy For Start-Up Businesses

We know the temptation is to jump straight onto LinkedIn and start creating content. Please don’t lose the start-up enthusiasm, but we strongly encourage Founders to take a moment to harness that energy to develop a LinkedIn strategy aligned with their business goals. 

A LinkedIn strategy will direct your business to focus on what matters, target the right audience and create content that the audience finds valuable. 

Too often, we work with businesses that have been “busy being busy”. Yet, during this critical start-up phase, where resources can be tight, investment in strategy will have a high ROI. 

Know upfront what actions will make the most significant difference, and then move to the next steps. 

Personal Brand vs Company Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for business is very different from LinkedIn for employees and job seekers. So the first thing you will need to juggle is balancing your personal and company brand. Both are equally important, but other factors will come into play as to which you will prioritise your efforts. 

If it is day one and you are starting from scratch on LinkedIn, we recommend starting with a business-optimised LinkedIn Profile. B2B Growth Co can help you if you aren’t sure how to describe your experience. 

To build a strong company brand on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Company Pages will require patience and persistence. However, this is not a reason to ignore this area but to set your expectations.  Having a powerful Company Page set up will ensure that those who come across your Company Page in their research leave with a favourable impression. 

Thought Leadership Content on LinkedIn

There are currently over one billion members on LinkedIn. For many, this number will be daunting and leave you with questions of “Why would anyone listen to me. Surely everything has been said before”. The number one thing to remind yourself is that you are as unique as your fingerprint. No two people have the same experiences, personality, goals, or community. Embrace your uniqueness. 

B2B Growth Co Founder Michelle J Raymond says, “Share your own experiences. Especially around your “why”. Most Founders have a powerful story about how they started their own business. Use this story and share it authentically so people will get to know what drives you.” 

From a company brand and Page perspective, the same applies. As a result, companies have a real opportunity to drive thought leadership. 

Catch up on the 2021 Thought Leadership Impact Study from LinkedIn and Edelman to gain insight into what buyers say they want and how your start-up can deliver this.  

Setting up your Start-Up's LinkedIn Company Page

Regardless of the number of employees, every startup business needs to take the time to set up its LinkedIn Company Page. In Business Gold: Build Awareness, Authority and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages (Buy here), there are 27 reasons you need one. At the basic level, there are two main reasons – 

  1. Update your personal LinkedIn Profile to look complete in the Work Experience section.
  2. The SEO benefits of the LinkedIn Company Page show on the first page of Google search results.

The first tip we offer is to ensure you 100% complete the Page setup. LinkedIn has advised that Pages that are 100% complete on average get 30% more weekly views. 

Growing your following on LinkedIn

When you start LinkedIn to grow your following, you must find the balance between the time you invest in your personal connections and your Company Page followers. If you are starting from zero followers, the focus will be on building personal connections. Look to build a targeted community. It is far more powerful than connecting with anyone and everyone. 

Start with your target in mind. For example, who is your audience? What is your startup goal for being on LinkedIn? Alongside building your connections, you will also be increasing your Company Page followers. The fastest method to do this is by using your Invite Credits.

Each month your Page Administrator will be given 250 invite credits. If you don’t use them, you lose them. Have someone designated for this process.  For more information, watch the video below for the best way to do this. 

Appealing to Investors, Employees and Prospects

The more significant opportunity in setting up a LinkedIn Company Page for your startup is to form the hub for your B2B Community. A place to bring investors, employees, customers, suppliers, and industry leaders together. 

Building a strategy to make this community using the LinkedIn Company Page’s latest features will also help establish your startup’s credibility. You have one chance to make a first impression. After that, investors will check your Profile, Company Page, content and reviews for social proof that you are who you say you are. Create a solid first impression that leaves investors with confidence that they can trust you as the Founder and your business. 

Get Your Tailored LinkedIn Game Plan

A well-executed LinkedIn for Business strategy is your ticket to fast-tracking success. Using your LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Company Page and your content across both in synergy are where the magic happens. The B2B Growth Co area of expertise is getting the most out of LinkedIn for businesses. 



Michelle J Raymond

Michelle J Raymond is the founder of B2B Growth Co and has made her mark as a leading LinkedIn growth strategist, offering comprehensive strategies and training to brands eager to harness LinkedIn for business growth through thought leadership, content marketing or social selling techniques.

With 20+ years’ experience in B2B sales, and almost a decade of social selling on LinkedIn, Michelle stands out for her significant LinkedIn contributions as the co-author of two globally acclaimed books: “Business Gold,” the first book exclusively dedicated to LinkedIn Company Pages, and “The LinkedIn Branding Book,” and her insightful podcast Social Media for B2B Growth. Follow her YouTube channel @MichelleJRaymond for helpful how to’s.

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