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I’ve been on the record many times to share that I do not like listening to podcasts. They remind me of being at school, where listening to teachers talk was near impossible for me to listen unless I put my head on the desk and closed my eyes. My teachers were not a fan of this strategy, but I could never understand why they wouldn’t just let me read the textbooks where the knowledge seemed to absorb best.

Given my mindset toward podcasts, you can see why I could never understand why people love listening to them so much.

Fast-forward to today. I host Social Media for B2B Growth Podcast and co-host of THE LINKEDIN BRANDING SHOW PODCAST by #MichelleSquared. I have also been an expert guest on almost fifty other podcasts.

So why the change of heart? Why has podcasting become a cornerstone of my LinkedIn content and business lead generation? How did a podcast sceptic turn into a podcast super host?

More importantly, I want to share why you should consider this as part of your LinkedIn for B2B Growth strategy.

Podcast Guesting for Building Authority

I was first invited to be an expert guest on a podcast in January 2021 to speak on LinkedIn Company Pages. I saw podcast guesting as a great opportunity to have access to a new community and to build my authority profile. As a starting point, it was much easier to be a podcast guest than have the responsibility of my own show.

Having been on nearly fifty podcasts, it has certainly proven to be a great strategy for me to establish my authority, and this has had a snowball effect and opened up other opportunities. Too many to mention, but most notably, the opportunity to write Business Gold – Book with Lynnaire Johnston, who had heard me on a podcast.

Top 5 Lessons - Podcast Guesting

  1. Be prepared – give yourself plenty of time before the recording to check the tech and get in the zone. Being rushed adds stress, and your listeners will hear that as you will talk faster and higher pitch. Drink lots of water and stay away from caffeine beforehand. Avoid active listening words they sound horrendous in the replay.
  2. Good sound – having good sound ensures it doesn’t distract your listeners and take away from your credibility. A room with soft furnishings helps to stop the echo. I recommend Audio Technica ATR2100x as it is reasonably priced and does a good job. It’s more important to learn how to position your microphone for the best sound – do the research. An expensive mic in the wrong position will sound worse than a cheaper mic in the right position.
  3. Co-produce the episode – help the host to promote the episode as much as possible. Remember, they have trusted you with their community. Make the most out of the opportunity and show you are a true collaborative partner.
  4. Choose wisely – it can be great for your ego to be invited on a podcast, but before you say yes, do your research. Check podcast quality, podcast host style, and if you share a target audience etc. I had one episode that was a horrendous experience from not doing this.
  5. Social Proof – use the episode in as many ways as possible on LinkedIn. Add the details to your LinkedIn Profile, create a LinkedIn post, and use the episode as the basis of an article or newsletter.

Bonus tip is create a Spotify playlist to track all of your Podcast Guest Episodes.

Becoming a Podcast Host

I had zero intention of becoming a podcast host, as I enjoyed being in the spotlight as a guest. It was only with the encouragement of MICHELLE B. GRIFFIN (The Brand Therapist℠) that I started. As she said, podcasting is a great way to build your personal brand and authority, which totally made sense. In my mind, the upside to podcasting was that there would be a much longer shelf life for my content.

Off I went, diving headfirst into learning how to technically build a podcast in the cheapest, easiest way possible—no real strategy, no real target audience, just doing it to tick a box. I don’t recommend following this path.

I do recommend working with an experienced podcast consultant like Neal Veglio. Neal and I recorded a podcast episode on all the things I wish I had done upfront and his expert advice on how to avoid common mistakes and have a podcast that drives your business towards its goals.

Top 5 Lessons - Podcast Hosting

  1. Podcast Strategy – do the planning upfront. Skipping the step only costs you time in the long run. Trust me, I know! What is your goal for having the podcast?
  2. Guest Selection – this is harder than you think. Choose guests who will serve your audience best. This isn’t always the person with the most LinkedIn followers or the best writer. Look for evidence they are good speakers, e.g. other guest appearances, or hosting their own shows etc.
  3. Ask Good Questions – it’s easier said than done. You might think you can improvise and ask questions as you go, but too often, this leads to the conversation being sidetracked, and the waffle doesn’t deliver value to the audience.
  4. Set Your Guest Up for Success – your job is to shine the spotlight on the guest. Don’t talk over the top of them.
  5. Park Your Ego – the hardest lesson I had to learn. In the beginning, I hated not being the centre of attention. If I’m being 100% honest, I felt like a puppet just asking questions that sat there while everyone else got attention—the attention I should have had. SO WRONG! It takes something special to be curious, to ask the right questions, to be interested.

Podcasting Builds Community

In my time podcasting, the biggest lesson I have learned is that podcast listeners are extremely loyal. When they find a podcast they enjoy, they listen week after week. This ripple effect of consistent engagement has consistently been a powerful conduit for cultivating a rich, interconnected community.

With each episode, listeners become more than just audience members – they transform into active participants. They embark on a journey with you, exploring ideas, gaining insights, and often contributing in insightful and surprising ways.

Not only does this foster a strong sense of belonging, but it also lays the groundwork for significant business opportunities. That’s because these loyal listeners, now engaged community members, often translate into valuable business leads as they trust your voice and value your expertise.

Podcasting is a unique bridge that connects the professional to the personal, creating a dynamic ecosystem where communities grow, engagement flourishes, and business thrives.

Final Confession

I was wrong about podcasts. There I said it. High-quality podcasts that have a strategy aligned with business goals are extremely powerful in building connections beyond just listeners. In my business, this translates to consistently receiving the right-fit business leads each week.

Yes, I have had to get over the fact that I can not understand why anyone would want to listen to the sound of my voice 🤣, but it’s that same voice that delivers valuable lessons that have a global impact in over 80 countries.

My secret to podcasting success is to remain 100% focused on delivering what will make the biggest difference to my listeners. This also applies to my LinkedIn Training for B2B Growth strategy.

It has been one heck of a podcasting journey. I still have a lot to learn, but I can say with certainty that podcasting has delivered tangible business results, and I feel like I’m only just getting warmed up.

Thank you to all my listeners! You are the reason I’m driven to be better.



Michelle J Raymond

Michelle J Raymond

Michelle J Raymond is the founder of B2B Growth Co and has made her mark as a leading LinkedIn growth strategist, offering comprehensive strategies and training to brands eager to harness LinkedIn for business growth through thought leadership, content marketing or social selling techniques.

With 20+ years’ experience in B2B sales, and almost a decade of social selling on LinkedIn, Michelle stands out for her significant LinkedIn contributions as the co-author of two globally acclaimed books: “Business Gold,” the first book exclusively dedicated to LinkedIn Company Pages, and “The LinkedIn Branding Book,” and her insightful podcast Social Media for B2B Growth. Follow her YouTube channel @MichelleJRaymond for helpful how to’s.

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